On top of the production capabilities at LMI Manufacturing, we can also finish your metal goods. Instead of tumbling and breaking the edges, we grind the ends to smooth them out. Not only can we grind the edges to break them, we also can regrain stainless steel for a more uniform finish.

Once production is complete with the metal, we move it to our finishing area. At LMI, we wet finish our parts. We first clean the metal and then spray a phosphate wash for better paint application. Excess phosphate wash is then rinsed off to allow for an even application. The paint color of choice is then applied for the final top coat.

Even though many companies are moving towards powder coating, there are many parts of the manufacturing process that cannot be baked or withstand the heat necessary for the powder to apply to the metal. Each process has its own benefits and depending on the product(s) to be finished, wet or powder coating may be the best finishing process.