Metal grinding is a process used frequently in metal fabrication and at LMI Manufacturing. Grinding is a machining process that removes metal to achieve the desired surface finish. Specifically, grinding will smooth welds, deburr metal parts, break rough edges and can even regrain stainless steel.

Grinding is a manual process that can be performed by numerous tools. An industrial wheel grinder or a handheld grinder are two examples of tools used to perform these actions.

Depending on the scope of the work and tasks required, our staff will use different abrasives and tools that are required to perform the necessary actions for the desired finish.

Grinding is a labor-intensive process that adds cost to your metal parts. We usually factor in the cost as most products need to be deburred and have the edges smoothed. However, if the product has larger welds, grinding may be a separate cost. If you are interested in getting a quote for these services, please call us at (262) 239-7142 or submit the request to quote form here.