In metal fabrication, rolling is a process in which metal stock is passed through a pair of rolls to unify a size and thickness for that piece of metal. This metal stock can then be used for a multitude of projects. Rolling is typically affiliated with forming as both machining processes shape the metal goods into an exact size. When rolling, consistency and accuracy are crucial, as different gauges and thicknesses are produced as a result of the rolling process.

Here at LMI Manufacturing, we use a cold rolling process. Cold rolling increases hardness, improves the surface finish and holds tighter tolerances. However, given that it produces thinner sheets, it decreases impact resistance and ductility.

We have the capabilities to roll steel, stainless steel and aluminum from .010″ to 1/4″ thick, up to 12″ wide, and up to 84” in length. Our process produces gauges from 7 to 20, and can roll a diameter from 2 ½” – 8”.